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    The Pheasant Inn, Dubwath.

    August 09, 2012 by Administrator | comments

    I grew up in Dubwath from age 12 onwards after moving from nearby Cockermouth; I know the area like the back of my hand with years of experience causing trouble.

    One place I use to frequent quite regularly as a child (in the gardens) and now as an adult is the Pheasant Inn as this is usually where I would find my Father - Charlie Ross.  It’s a unique little pub, originally an old ‘toll road’ bar and hundreds of years old, distinct in the fact of having a very short bar and red stained walls from hundreds of years of smoking clientele and with an outrageous Whisky collection to boot. 


    The locals tend to frequent the pub on a Friday night where you will find an array of characters ranging from accountants, wealthy business owners, Dentists and other interesting characters.  If you like political debate and are not easily offended go and say hello to my Dad, the Dentist!  These guys will also give you the low down on the entire area for the price of a , Blue Bird or Grey Goose depending on who you talk too.

    I am adding new line in version2

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    Rating: 4.0/10 (1 vote cast)


    comments on this The Pheasant Inn, Dubwath.

    Added by Administrator
    Cockermouth Near Dubwath

    Cockermouth Near Dubwath

    This is some test writing for an article on Cockermouth that is quite near to…
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    The Pheasant Inn, Dubwath.

    The Pheasant Inn, Dubwath.

    I grew up in Dubwath from age 12 onwards after moving from nearby Cockermouth; I…
    read more
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